How Cell Phone Use Affects The Brain 

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The dangers from cell phones are thought to come from the release of radiation that occurs during use. In the research released by IARC today scientists said they aren’t sure of just how great an increased risk cell phone radiation represents, or even how the impact occurs.

Indeed, unlike traditional ionizing radiation which is used for x-rays and is known to increase the risk of cancer in large doses, the radiation emitted by cell phones is “non ionizing” – which means it is not likely to contain enough energy to cause the cell changes linked to disease.

But that said, the epidemiological data is hard to ignore. Indeed, IARC reports that studies show a clear association between the frequency of cell phone use and diagnosis of brain tumors.

Still, the IARC is stopping short of making any public health recommendations concerning cell phone use and an increased risk of cancer.

However, they do say that if you want to reduce your exposure to radiation text your messages instead , or use a wired hands-free headset when you make your calls. Both actions will keep the phone ( the source of radiation) away from the side of your head, where any suspected radiation can have a direct impact on the brain.

It’s important to note that a large 12,000 person, multi-country study published last year found no links between cell phone use and brain cancer. In some 30 studies conducted in Europe, New Zealand and the United States, patients diagnosed with brain tumors reported no greater cell phone use than those who did not develop tumors.

Moreover, there has been no increase in the diagnosis of brain tumors in the two decades that cell phone use has been a part of our lives. While that picture might change within the next decade, for right now there is no obvious correlation doctors can make.

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