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When we think about EMF in the home, we don’t usually think in terms of house wiring, but in houses where the background EMF radiation is higher than usual, poorly executed house wiring is often the cause.

Of course, most people in the developed world have electricity in their houses, and that means wires and currents. If wiring is properly done, background levels of low frequency EMF should be quite low (less than 0.3mG), but there will usually be local hotspots substantially above this level.

What causes Home EMF Hotspots?
Home EMF hotspots arise close to items such as electricity meters (especially the older rotating disc kind) main distribution panels, fuse boxes, battery-based back-up power supplies and major wiring ducts. These hotspots generally extend for about 1.2 to 1.5 metres (4-5′) from their source before their EMF radiation fades to background levels.

Other hotspots from installed electrical equipment such as florescent lights, light switches (particularly dimmer switches), heating panels, intercom base stations and air conditioning units usually have an even shorter range. Also see our Electrical Appliances page for further items which may be installed.

It helps to be aware of home EMF hotspots, so one can avoid spending large amounts of time snuggled up close to a hotspot source. Usually, moving your favourite chair or sliding a bed around a bit, is enough to solve the problem.

Don’t forget that magnetic fields will pass through walls without any trouble, so if your hotspot source is close to an inside wall, pay attention to what is on the other side too.

Badly-wired houses create high home-EMF levels

So far we have been discussing proper house wiring. What does this mean and what happens when it isn’t done correctly?

To keep home EMF values low, the live and neutral wire partners should be close to each other for the entire run of the wire. Ideally they would be touching each other (or their insulated sheaths should touch!)

Any gap between live and neutral will cause a magnetic field to be created in and around the gap, whenever alternating current flows through the wire. An EMF-creating defect can be caused in a simple fashion whenever the live and neutral wires to a light or socket (for example) follow different routes. It can also occur in more complex wiring situations, for example an incorrectly wired two-way lighting circuit (a light controlled by two switches).

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