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JJ Hospital Mumbai, says no to Mobile towers Mumbai Mirror (24.2.2009) JJ Hospital in Mumbai, India said no to installation of mobile towers inside the premises. VVIPs in JJ Hospital had complained of poor network inside main building, but experts said electromagnetic signals would adversely affect medical equipment and powerful antenna tower inside the campus could be hazardous too.

• Mobiles cut sperm count, says report The Guardian (28.6.2004), Hungarian scientists have found 30% sperm decrease in intensive mobile phone users, in addition to damage of sperms. They found that not only did using the phone affect a man’s sperm count and the motility (speed of movement) of the sperm, but simply having it switched ON in a pocket was enough to do damage as mobile phones periodically but briefly transmit information to cell towers to establish contact.

• Physicist theory – mobile microwave interfere with the body and may cause harm The Guardian UK (10.4.2004)
Communication within the human body occurs through a highly complex system of electrical signals. According to this theory, exposure to pulsing microwave radiation from microwaves and phones interferes with our bodies and disrupts the intercellular communication in the same way that phones interfere with airplane or hospital equipment. This may cause impairs in body function and could lead to illness.

• Effect of TV and FM Towers on health A study in Australia found that children living near TV and FM broadcast
towers (similar to cell towers) had more than twice the rate of leukemia as children living more than seven miles away from these towers (Hocking, B et al 1996).

In another study, TV signal exposed workers were observed to have increased IgG and IgA and decreased lymphocytes and T8 cells, resulting in a decrease in immune response (Moszczynski, P et al 1999).

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