Here Is A Quick List Of Common Sources Of Wireless Radiation Part 1

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1. CELL PHONES – Here the antenna is very close to the brain, and many studies have been done on this. Recent studies done in Europe show that tumors can be induced in rats, which are exposed to the same power levels and distances that normal cell phone users are from the phone’s antenna.

2. CORDLESS PHONES – In reality, these are as detrimental as cell phones because they operate near the microwave frequencies of cell phones (microwave.) In some ways, they could be worse than cell phones because many people spend more time on these.

3. GARAGE DOOR OPENERS – A source of radiation when the button is pressed.

4. WIRELESS PDAs and NOTEBOOK COMPUTERS – These work very much like cell phones, with the same potential effects.

5. MICROWAVE ALARM SYSTEM SENSORS – This is one area NO ONE talks about. These are common in homes and businesses. Although the power level is in the microwatt realm, one may sit exposed to it all day, every day, sometimes just a few feet away. Again, think about it in terms of exposure time vs. energy levels.

6. BLUE TOOTH WIRELESS DEVICES – Operate in the lower microwave region.

7. WIRELESS VIDEO CAMERAS – Operate in the microwave region above analog cell phones.

8. TV EXTENDERS – Used to transmit video and sound without wires from one room to another in a home. These also operate
in the microwave region above analog cell phones.

9. SATELLITES – Walk outside, anywhere, and you will be bombarded with RF from satellites, both civilian and military. If you could visibly “see” these sources, you would see points of “light” from the 22,500 mile high Clarke belt of stationary satellites. This belt of satellites rise from the western horizon and arcs across the sky to the east. There will also be hundreds of moving lights in the sky from lower geosynchronous orbits. Some of these are also satellites the military uses that send signals to earth, too. Many military satellites have high-powered optical sensors, with huge telephoto lenses that watch everything from orbit. These satellites orbit about 200 miles up and contrary to public belief, can actually read a newspaper headline from orbit. The portrayal of distant fuzzy images as seen in “Patriot Games” is far from the truth. And these satellites bombard the earth with more RF radiation as they send their data to earth.

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