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For regulatory permitting of cell telephone base-station antennas; Gradient evaluated whether cellular telephones increase cancer risk. Gradient’s analyses examined the scientific studies regarding human health effects ascribed to radiofrequency (RF) waves from cellular telephones and base-station antennas. We performed literature reviews; medical record reviews; and exposure and dosimetry analyses to determine the degree to which health risks arise from exposure to non-ionizing RF waves. Gradient submitted summary reports on the likelihood of health effects and helped develop risk communication strategies.

Project Highlights

• Cellular telephones
• Non-ionizing radiation
• Literature review
• Radiological risk
• Risk communication
• Product Safety

Cincinnati, Ohio
Toowoomba, Queensland
Tonga, Nuku’alofa
Bendigo, Victoria
Victor Harbor, South Australia
Rockingham, Victoria
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Rochester, New York
Devonport, Tasmania
Palmerston, Northern Territory

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Health Effects Cellular Use

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