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Abhinav Sharma, Mar 3, 2012

JAIPUR: A division bench of the high court issued a showcause notice to as many as 13 mobile companies besides central and state authorities on the issue of health hazards being caused by high frequency radiations emitted by mobile towers posing serious threat to public health and safety.

The court order came on a PIL filed by a retired Judge of the Rajasthan High Court, Jusitce I S Israni and others. Counsel for Israni, Prateek Kasliwal told a division bench of Chief Justice Arun Mishra and Justice N K Jain (senior), “”The mobile towers are having no fixed criterion of emission of radiations and there were nine major directions given by the inter-ministerial committee in recent past but the same are also not being followed. It was directed that all the towers will have a display of the emission strength of the radiations. Permission should be sought before putting a mobile tower near school, in residential colony, and public places but the same were also not followed.””

It was also contended that the radiations of mobile towers act like microwave rays and cook the brain as well as body cells resulting in brain, skin and other cancers, while also causing other congenital problems in infants and young children. The petitioners also brought it to the notice of the court that the central government passed certain rules to put a check on the irregular radiation emissions from these mobile towers but on March 23, 2011 a ban was placed by local bodies on taking any coercive action against the mobile companies.

The petitioner also highlighted radiation norms being adopted in various countries and stressed on studies and illeffects of the radiation emissions from mobile towers on animals, plants and human beings. Looking at the gravity and the potent of threat to the human and animal lives the division bench has directed state and Central authorities to file a response to the writ petition within a period of four weeks.

Petitioner Justice Israni also brought to the notice of the court that a legal notice was duly served upon the state and the Central authorities but no action was taken by them forcing him to approach the court.

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