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September 8th, 2011

There is a growing concern about the amount of radiation from mobile phones and the type of damage to those who continuously emitted by the phones. Survey on adverse health effects of radiation from mobile phones is increasing, but the analysis were associated with fresh vertigo, salivary gland tumors, brain tumors, headaches and behavioral problems.

More terrible is that many mobile topPhones from reputable manufacturers are considered as the maximum intensity of radiation, according to the Environmental Working Group.

Blackberry Bold 9700, Droid, Nexus HTC Touch Google and LG Chocolate mobile phones are to be avoided some light for you, because all four of these phones are actually closer to the top of the “radio frequency radiation protection limits” set forward from ‘Federal Communications Commission “in claims compliance with the EEC. OnOn the other hand, Blackberry Storm, Samsung and Sanyo Katana II rugby, the lowest rate of discharge radiation.

However, each cell has a certain amount of radiation discharged in the long run can lead to serious health problems. Now-say-a life without a cell phone seems to be very unfeasible. There are several factors that the experts who help the radiation exposure can be recommended to a higher level guard.

Make it a practice to useEar to ear all the time because they do not produce radiation and mobile phones.
Try to talk less and listen more, because according to experts, talking cell phones produce more radiation than the listening time.

Another important tip is to send text messages more often instead of talking, because when you create a text message on your cell phone consumes less energy because less radiationproduced.

Avoid it, if it’s a weak signal, because a stronger signal to take the phone to release significant amounts of radiation.
If you can not live without a cell phone, try to make less use to reduce their harmful effects.

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