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Mobile phone users may be at greater risk for brain tumors attacked, media reported Wednesday, quoting the latest research from the U.S.

In previous studies, some scientists had found a weak relationship between mobile phones and brain tumors, but there was no clear indication of what the risks faced by mobile phone users.

“We can not make any definitive conclusions about this,” said Dr. Deepa Subramaniam, director of “BrainTumorCenter” in “GeorgetownLombardiComprehensiveCancerCenter” in Washington, DC

“But this study, in addition to previous studies, continues to leave doubt that clung about the potential increased risk. So, once again, after so many years, we do not have the answers-road shortcuts.”

However, Joel Moskowitz, senior author of the study, said that “clearly there is a risk”. He is Director of the “Center for Family and Community Health” at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health.

“I will not allow the children to use mobile phone, or I at least would require them to use a headset device` `separate,” said Moskowitz.

“Looks like we all fail as a society or as the (residents) a planet because it merely disseminate this technology to the point that we face right now without doing a more thorough study of the potential dangers and how to protect themselves from danger. Clearly, we need to learn much more about this technology, “he said.

The researchers found that the use of mobile phones for a decade or longer resulted in increased 18 per cent risk of brain tumors may appear at the phone where it is used, Moskowitz said.

Moskowitz, however, reported China’s official news agency, Xinhua, believes that there are also potential dangers in other parts of the body – the genitals, for example – when the phone is placed in the pocket.

With so many people around the world using a telephone, even a small risk can be translated into many illnesses and deaths, he asserted.

Moskowitz warned, “We need to do a lot of research a much more comprehensive because the ransom really expensive and it seems wise to be more careful about this, especially in children, which has a network that is still growing and the size of the shell and the brain smaller.”

Last year, the Institute of Food and Drug Administration called on the U.S. for further research about the risks posed by mobile phone usage for a long time.

The agency urged that such studies focused on the health of children, pregnant women and fetuses as well as workers subject to exposure (exposure) high on the job.

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