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What can we do to protect ourselves? What steps can be taken to minimize our exposure and risk? Since wireless technology is here to stay the problem of protection must be approached in two ways. First, measures must be taken to maximize the body’s resistance to damage from EMR. This can be done by strengthening our biofield and our immune system to better resist the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation. Second, exposure to EMR must be minimized to decrease the risk. Here are some things that can be done right now .

Increase Resistance to EMR Damage:

1. Good nutrition is essential to building a strong immune system that can resist the effects of electropollution. Eat a healthy diet. This includes eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables every day. Five to nine servings daily of organic fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended.

2. If you eat meat eat free-range hormone-free meat whenever possible. Avoid farm-fed fish.

3. Hydrate adequately. Drink good quality bottled or filtered water. Use glass and ceramic containers whenever possible. Good quality water is essential for energy and for proper detoxification. As a rule of thumb divide body weight by two. This is the number of ounces of water per day a normal healthy individual should consume.

4. Take a high-quality multi-vitamin/multi-mineral product daily.

5. Take extra antioxidants daily to neutralize free radicals produced by EMR.

6. Take Omega-3 oils such as Fish Oil daily. Minimum dose is 3000mg per day.

7. Take melatonin 2-4mg in a sublingual form before bedtime.

8. Exercise 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes per session.
9. Minimize your exposure to synthetic chemicals, solvents, cleaners and cosmetics. These products are loaded with harmful chemicals that are damaging to the body. Avoid the use of pesticides and insecticides whenever possible.

By eating healthy and exercising the biofield and immune system will be strengthened. This will minimize the damaging effects of EMR and cell phone radiation exposure. Healthy eating and proper hydration will also allow for quicker repair of damage already done.

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