George Carlo Exposes Mobile Phone Wireless Industry Part 7

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George Carlo Exposes Mobile Phone Wireless Industry

Dr. George Carlo Tells the History of Mobile Phone Industry


Childhood leukemia wa s connected to power-frequency magnetic fields already in the pioneering work by Wertheimer and Leeper [36] . More recently, Scandinavian scientists have identified an increased risk for acoustic neuroma (i.e., a benign tumour of the eighth cranial nerve) in cell phone users, as well as a slightly increased risk of malignant brain tumours such as astrocytoma and meningioma on the same side of the brain as the cell phone wa s held [37–40] .

I n addition, a clear association between adult cancers and FM radio broadcasting radiation has been noticed, both in time and location [41–43] . Initial studies on facial nevi indicate that nowadays young children can have a substantial number of these (Hallberg and Johansson, unpublished data). If, in addition to the lowfrequency EMF, there is a radiofrequency and/or microwave correlation, then this must be considered in future research and safety programs.

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