George Carlo Exposes Mobile Phone Wireless Industry Part 5

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George Carlo Exposes Mobile Phone Wireless Industry

Dr. George Carlo Tells the History of Mobile Phone Industry


Utilities tend to think this is mass hysteria generated by the media, but only you can decide what level of risk you are willing to take. Many people take risks with themselves that they will not take for their children. Unfortunately those who try to sell homes near high-tension lines often find they cannot attract buyers, even at substantial reductions. There have been lawsuits against utilities for “illegal takings” with varying results.

The legal data base on the subject is growing, however. If you want to follow this route, try to find an attorney who has already handled EMF suits. An attorney who simply specializes in real-estate law would have to spend too much time reading up on a vast and controver¬sial subject—and utilities lawyers already have a tremendous amount of savvy in defending such cases.

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