George Carlo Exposes Mobile Phone Wireless Industry Part 3

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George Carlo Exposes Mobile Phone Wireless Industry

Dr. George Carlo Tells the History of Mobile Phone Industry


An electromagnetic field consists of an electrical part and a magnetic part. The electrical part is produced by a voltage gradient and is measured in volts/metre. The magnetic part is generated by any fl ow of current and is measured in Tesla. Magnetic fields as low a s around 0.2 T (a millionth of a Tesla) can produce biological effects. Fo r comparison, using a mobile (cell) phone or a P DA exposes you to magnetic pulses that peak at several tens of microTesla [11,12] , which is well ove r the minimum needed to give harmful effects. Because mobile phones and other wireless gadgets are held close to the body and are used frequently, these devices are potentially the most dangerous sources of electromagnetic radiation that the average person possesses.

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