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The type of radiation produced from mobile phones is electromagnetic radiation Electromagnetic energy from cell phones and radio towers are classified as on-ionizing radiation and are generally thought to be harmless, while iodizing rays from x-rays and nuclear energy has been proven to cause cancer.

Mobile phones have become a part of our daily life and it is hard to refrain from using them. The threats posed by the radiations are cancer, headaches, loss of memory, vision loss and even degrading environmental conditions. The need and over usage of cell phones makes it important to understand the risks of cell phone radiation.

Cell phone health risk from its electromagnetic radiation includes:
• Cancer
• Genetic damage
• Brain and other neurological problems
• Birth defect
• Increased blood pressure
• Impaired learning and short-term memory
• Disturbed sleep
• Headache
• Stress
• and other cell phone health hazard

Cell Phone Radiation facts

• In Australia the number one disease among children is brain tumor and brain cancer. It just surpassed Leukemia.
• Sperm count in adult males who use cell phones heavily are lowered by as much as 30%.
• With 500 minutes of cell phone use per month you have a 300% increased probability of getting brain cancer.
• There are 40,000 to 50,000 new cases of brain tumors and eye cancer per year attributed to cell phone use.
• The average kid uses a cell phone 2600 minutes per month.
• If the current trend continues there will be 500,000 new cases of tumors per year by the year 2010.
• In Japan you aren’t allowed to use Cell Phones on the train due to 2nd hand radiation.
• In England it is recommended that teenagers 16 and under refrain from unnecessary cell phone use.
• There are, at the moment, 7 state class action lawsuits, 10 brain cancer lawsuits, 2 workmen’s comp lawsuits in California.

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