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September 21, 2011

With the popularity of mobile phones, is now basically a cell phone, but phone not leave the body, many people prefer to phone in your pocket, some people like to get suspended from the chest, and some people even sleep at night, do not shut down, but you know that cell phone radiation? how do we stay away from it, the following 10 ways to tell you a little!
steps / methodsanother phone into the bedroom to sleep, not the phone on the pillow. melatonin will reduce the radiation secretion not only affects the quality of sleep, the body will accelerate the damaging effects of free radicals, ultimately leading to cancer and other diseases.

Do not phone into his trouser pocket. The study found that often the phone on his trouser men, men whose sperm count less than the normal 25% of mobile phone radiation affect different parts of the body, most likely male testicles by mobile phone radiation injury.

call often change hands. for a long time a cell phone, it is best left and right are often used interchangeably .
not a cell phone in an enclosed space. Do not lift, train, subway and other relatively closed space, a cell phone. At this point the phone constantly trying to connect the interrupt signal, the radiation would increase the maximum.
dial-up, stretching arm. handset connected to the strongest radiation generated by the moment, so the answer or the phone call, the best stretch the arm, let the phone away from the body, wait a moment and then call.

Do not use mobile phones to burn “telephone porridge.” long talk, it is best to use landline study found that mobile phone call 2 minutes later, brain waves are affected at least will last one hour.

smart phone radiation greater. smartphone built-in wireless devices, which produces a more radiation than a cell phone, because they mainly rely on battery-powered device can receive e-mail, Internet, etc. Therefore, minimize the use of mobile Internet.

send text messages than phone radiation is small. SMS communication can greatly reduce the head and body in contact with the mobile phone radiation. men send text messages, do not put the phone in between the legs. a large number of studies have shown that mobile phone radiation may harm sperm motility, but little effect on the female ovaries.

headphones. Although we can not use headphones directly to “destroy” the radiation, but radiation can the human body and isolated. handset farther from the head, the brain affected by the radiation less. Mobile antenna farther away from the body to accept the lower amount of radiation.

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