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Because of the fact that electromagnetic pollution is the fastest growing type of pollution today, it is becoming a trend to search for the best EMR and EMF protection. Majority of you may not even care of these electromagnetic frequencies and radiations; the reason being is that it doesn’t have any visual representation unlike other forms of pollution (water, land and air). It is now time for you to recognize the truth behind EMR and EMF, the sources that surrounds you, and you should to protect yourself from these pollutants. http://www.themediteckwellnessgateway.com/blog/241/emr-and-emf-protection-deepest-secrets/

Why do you need EMR and EMF Protection?

EMF (electromagnetic frequency) is a low frequency magnetic and electrical field. It radiates from alternating electrical current (AC) wiring and electrical appliances. EMR (electromagnetic radiation) are high frequency waves of electrical and magnetic energy moving through space from towers. Both of them are harmful because they weaken your body and may cause health issues. It is a medical fact that our body is a close circuit where electricity flows continuously from one cell to another. EMR and EMF, once they get into our system, have the ability to interfere with our body’s electrical impulses. This is the foundation of most EMR and EMF defense products. And this is, mainly, the explanation why you should have EMR and EMF protection.

No EMR and EMF Protection, what may happen to you?

If I don’t have any EMR or EMF personal protection, what health conditions will you be suffering from? Short term exposure to these electromagnetic frequencies and radiations may lead to fatigue, irritability, headaches, insomnia, skin rashes, brain fog and eye strain. Subjecting yourself to a long term exposure may lead to the following: Cancer, Autism, Accelerated Aging, Depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Stress, and ADD. EMR and EMF do not cause these diseases, but they may create a disease conducive condition within your body – a condition where a constant state of stress can be seen. When you are stressed out, it is favorable for diseases or illnesses to bring you down. These things mentioned above shows how important having EMR and EMF protection to all of us living in this new era of electronic gizmos.

How to choose the best EMR and EMF Protection?

The Electromagnetic field personal protection is a fairly young market, but there are already some products made available. However, it is very important for you to carefully choose the best electromagnetic field self defense products. Getting the wrong EMR and EMF protection may have an adverse effect on one’s health. You can consult an expert in choosing the best protection suitable for you. It is advisable to use different sources like print media and internet in getting the best products. Be wise to purchase EMR and EMF Protection, because EMR and EMF protectors will protect you from these harmful electromagnetic waves. Do you have a preferred EMR- EMF protection device at home?

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