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November 16, 2011

EMF is an acronym for electromagnetic fields. So, EMF radiation is the resulting radiation produced by EMF. Just as environmental toxins such as heavy metals and toxic chemicals are in potentially harmful to the body, individual cells in the body can also be harmed by increased levels of EMF. Without going into a detailed scientific discussion on EMF radiation, we focus here instead on the resulting effects on individuals and steps to protect you. Because of these potential dangers to your health, it’s important to take time to understand what EMF radiation protection devices are currently on the market, learn how effective each is, and which ones you need to purchase based on your individual needs.

Health concerns with EMF
At very low levels of electromagnetic fields, the body has a defense mechanism that detects it and produces a biochemical stress response to counteract it. When these levels increase, the body can no longer produce a response to resist its effects and our health is in potential danger. Some of the health problems that are caused by it include: cancer, high blood pressure, brain tumors, and others that are continually being discovered as studies are completed. In all areas of our life we encounter EMF, so our health is at risk constantly. That’s why there are huge selections of EMF radiation protection devices that work against the effects of it.

Sources of EMF
There are several sources of EMF radiation all around us, some that you probably wouldn’t have initially considered. Understanding what these are can help you get a better idea of the huge impact it has on our lives and why EMF radiation protection devices are needed. A few of those sources are noted below:
• Power lines
• Cell phones
• Automobile electronics
• Household appliances
• Household electronics

Areas of Protection
Some of the different areas that you can use EMF radiation protection devices to protect you are listed here:
• Cell phone protection
• Home/building protection
• Tv/monitor shielding
• Appliance shielding
Protection Devices

When choosing what EMF radiation protection devices you need, you’ll need to consider exactly which sources you’d like to protect against and how much you are willing to budget for it. EMF radiation protection devices can get significantly expensive as you add more devices to your list of needs, so it’s important to consider your top concerns and work with your budget from there.

This is especially true if you are purchasing more for your entire family (which is recommended). EMF radiation protection devices are offered with several online retailers, and as with any vendor, take the time to ensure their customer service, return policy, and secure transaction protection is sufficient.
EMF radiation is a risk in several areas of our lives and it’s wise to purchase EMF radiation protection devices for you and your family. Review both your top concerns and budget to decide which ones work best for you. Health and safety are always a top concern and by implementing these devices in your lives, you can make sure you are protected.

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