EMF Radiation from Cellphones and Wireless Routers

EMF Radiation Cellphones, Wireless Routers


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Electromagnetic fields radiation (EMF) has been a hot topic for several years – especially since the growth in popularity of EMF emitting devices such as cell phones and wireless routers. So should we be concerned about EMF radiation from cell phones and wireless routers? We discuss the risks and precautions you can take in today’s guide.

Dangers of EMF Radiation
The dangers of electromagnetic radiation have been increasingly researched in recent years. There is no denying that numerous electronic devices that we use on a daily basis such as cell phones and wireless routers emit radiation – but what dangers does this pose?
There is highly contradicting evidence related to the dangers of EMF radiation. Some researchers claim that high levels of exposure to EMF radiation can increase your risk of leukemia, brain tumors, heart problems, cancer, chronic fatigue and more. Whereas others believe the threat is much less serious. One thing most researchers agree on however is that there is definite reason for concern.

It will take many more years until the true long-term effects of EMF radiation exposure are revealed.

EMF Radiation from Cell Phones and Wireless Routers
Cell phones and wireless routers are shown to release EMF radiation – and cell phones in particular are considered to be quite dangerous as we hold them so close to our body.

It has been found that just a two-minute phone call can alter the natural electrical activity of the brain for up to two hours after the call. Other side effects that have been linked to over-exposure to EMF radiation from your cell phone include: headaches, brain tumors, cancer and high blood pressure.

There have been studies that show that wireless routers can have an adverse affect on users due to EMF exposure. Even if we are not using a wireless network we are increasingly being surrounded by wireless hotspots in cafes, libraries and internet cafes – without even realizing. However, wireless routers release 10 times less EMF radiation than cell phones, so the dangers are much less significant.
Protection from EMF Radiation from Cell Phones
As no one is entirely sure what the dangers of EMF radiation from cell phones are – it is important that we take measures to protect ourselves.
There are several products on the market that can provide protection against EMF radiation as well as methods you can employ to protect yourself.

When using your cell phone you should try to keep call lengths to a minimum – use a land line for long calls. If you do need to make a long call while away from a land line, use a headset that keeps your phone as far away from your brain as possible. The best headsets to use are air tube headsets rather than standard wired headsets as they have been found to intensify radiation into the ear canal.

Avoid putting your cell phone into your pocket while it is switched on – always put it in a bag or away from your body. This is because your lower body absorbs radiation much more easily than other parts of your body. One study has shown that the sperm count in men who wear their mobile phone on their belt or in their pocket drops by 30 percent.
One of the best ways to protect yourself against EMF radiation from your cell phone is to purchase a scientifically validated EMF protection device. These absorb EMF radiation not only from your own cell phone but from others that are close by.

Protection from EMF Radiation from Wireless Routers
If you use a wireless router either in your own home or at work, there are ways that you can limit your exposure to EMF radiation.
There are several products on the market that limit EMF radiation from wireless routers. One of the most popular and reliable simply plugs into the USB port of your wireless router and transforms the dangerous EMF radiation waves into a field that grounds you into the Earth’s electromagnetic field. You can also plug the device directly into your laptop to protect you from EMF radiation that is up to five feet around you.

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