Qlink Pendant EMF Protection Devices for Cell Phone & Wireless Radiation


QLink EMF Protection

WiFi Radiation Protection

“Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and cell phone radiation pervade our modern lives. EMFs result from the alternating current (AC) required to power the conveniences and technologies of current everyday existence – our cell phones, computers, WI-FI, video games, HDTVs, microwaves, electric blankets, even our hair dryers.

Personal EMF protection for yourself, your family and your home is becoming one of the most pressing health and wellness considerations of our rapidly advancing technological age.

Abilene, Texas
Jordan, Amman
Poland, Warsaw
Russia, Moscow
Mount Gambier, South Australia
Horsham, Victoria
Switzerland, Bern
Broken Hill, Australia
Bellevue, Washington
Ar Rafa’ah, United Arab Emirates, Ar Rafa’ah, UAE


Qlink Pendant

Qlink Pendant Protection

Cell Phone Protection Products

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Anti-Radiation Air-tube Headset

EMF Harmonization Products

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