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My wife and I thought we had the world in our hands when we bought a home in a resort area east of Vancouver B.C., Canada in the fall of 1995. We both enjoyed good health and planned to retire in our new home by a lovely lake and a nice quite village, but our world came crashing down soon after moving in. First we heard a buzzing sound like bees in a distance and we started to feel strange symptoms one after the other the longer we stayed there.

We would wake at the same time every morning with the buzz and within a short while I would feel a pressure in my ears and my head would ache. My wife and I both woke with pain in our necks and shoulders and all day we would have continous nausea and stomach gas.The longer we stayed the more symptoms appeared and the more we suffered.

My ears would block and any normal sound, like breraking glass, would hurt them. Even flushing the water closet would hurt my ears. It got so I could not use the phone and I would have to ask people to repeat themselves when talking to me. My wife became ill with pain in her lower part of her stomach and two different doctors diagnosed gall bladder problems. Her shoulder became so painfull she could not raise her arm to do her hair. I made a pad from aluminum foil and placed it on her shoulder and that helped.

I sat many hours under a cone of aluminum insullation to rest my nerves and I place a solar blanket made of plastic clad with aluminum over my blanket and that seems to reflect a lot of rays.

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