Electromagnetic Simulation of Microwave for Early Detection of Breast Cancer



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Nov. 28, 2011

Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases among women, which will not only harm the health of women, but also hinder the development of social. Therefore, it has great significance to study and develop the related technology in theoretical and practical. Near-field microwave probe of the disease has getting great attention in medical imaging profession all over the world. Under the influence of microwave, normal breast tissue has much different with malignant tumors in the field of dielectric constant and conductivity. This feature is the physical basis of the detection of breast cancer tumors in the Near-field microwave.

The main contents of this paper are the following:
(1) Research on the technology of UWB (Ultra Wideband) and analyze the microwave imaging system.
(2) This paper used the three-dimensional electromagnetic simulation software CST MICROWAVE STUDIO (referred to as the CST MWS, Chinese name ” CST Microwave Studio “) to structure modeling of breast tissue, through research on the electromagnetic properties of the breast tissue under different conditions, and the results show that it is feasible in theory to use the UWB microwave technology based on near field imaging method to detect early-stage breast cancer tumors. http://www.rescancer.com/pancreatic-cancer/9811.html

(3) Considering the actual situation of early breast cancer detection, this paper not only introduces several microwave testing imaging technology, but also discusses the finite element confocal imaging algorithm and presented the algorithm process; we discussed some existing problems of the microwave testing, and puts forward some solutions.The technology of UWB near-field microwave can provide mm-level and high resolution precision targeting to the detection of breast cancer, and provide a method of more safely and accurate to detect breast cancer patients at early stage, which is a detection technology with many advantages.

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