Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) Is A Worldwide Epidemic Part 3

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Associate Professor Olle Johnasson at the Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden, has made an important point in regard to the skin of persons injured by computer monitors. Professor Johnasson stated that, since persons who claim to have electromagnetic sensitivity/screen dermatitis , report cutaneous sensations, such as pricking pain, itch, redness..etc, then the peripheral as well as the nervous central system must be involved and that the reaction pattern definitively points to a true biophysical effect, and not to anything else. He also said that if one takes into consideration the large number of publications showing severe changes or damages from low or high frequency irradiation of cells and tissues in animals experiments, it is obvious that these alterations cannot be interpreted as imaginary! He summarized his own scientific research , stating: ” it is evident from our preliminary data that various alterations are present in the electro- hypersensitive personĀ“s skin.

The studies of Eltiti et al. 2007, concluded that the skin of people with electrosensitivity conducts electricity at a higher rate than those who are not affected, and that the skin also, is frequently permeable, which may account for the high incidence of allergies and multiple Chemical Sensitivities, commonly found in this group, and that altered central nervous function may very well account for the manifestation of symptoms, when exposed to electromagnetic fields and/or chemical exposures.

The large majority of persons suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which is an environmental illness triggered by exposures to toxic chemicals in the environment, and is presently a most terrible worldwide epidemic,( the direct consequence of global pollution,) have acquired a high degree of sensitivity to many things in the environment and consequently are very likely to also have an abnormal sensitivity to electrical stimuli/ electromagnetic radiations, and in fact, they do have EMS. The symptoms usually occur within seconds of exposure to a given frequency, and frequencies from Hertz to GigaHertz , do cause reactions in sensitive people. Electric fields in the order of millivolts per metre, are known to cause reactions in sensitive people.

It is quite significant to know that trials have shown, that while a person is reacting severely to another hypersensitivity/allergic trigger in the environment, repeated exposures to a given frequency, can sensitize people in a way that their specific sensitivity pattern of response can be triggered on encountering that same frequency later. Usually the pattern response is the same, whether the trigger is chemical, biological, nutritional, electrical, electromagnetic.

Pesticides and herbicides appear to enhance electromagnetic sensitivity, and ionizing radiations also seem to have an additional effect. It also has been found that when persons with MCS who are able (under the care of doctors treating MCS) to have their load of toxic chemicals in their body lowered, the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity decrease, in direct proportion to the lowering of toxic load in their body. The majority of doctors worldwide do not have a true knowledge of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS), and due to the powerful lobbying, and anti-EMS campaigns of misinformation by the industries worldwide, they are very resistant to officially recognize Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) as an illness, induced by electromagnetic radiations in the environment.

However, in the US, Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) is recognized as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA) and by the US Access- Board, (a US Federal Agency dedicated to the access of persons with disabilities).The US Access-Board , has put on-line an extensive guideline of accommodations for persons disabled by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS)

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