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The current US standard for cell site radiation in the US is 580-1000 microwatts per square centimetre.

Many other countries have set levels hundreds of times lower.

The reason for the disparity is that no one really knows what level of cell tower radiation is safe.

Current limits have been influenced more by economic and political imperatives than by research into health and safety.

More important than the intensity of electromagnetic radiation emitted at the tower is the strength of the resulting EMF wherever people live and work. This depends on the intensity at the source – and one’s distance from it.
Cell towers safe distance

Different cell sites emit different amounts of radiation.

Radiation levels from a single cell site vary, depending on usage. Even maintenance issues can affect how much radiation a cell site is currently producing.

Radiation around a single cell tower may not be uniform – there can be hot and cold spots.

Measurement with a suitable meter is the only way to know how much radiation you are receiving at a particular spot.

But it seems that 400 metres is a safe distance for most people, and smaller distances may also be safe in some cases.
Cell tower health effects

Individuals differ in their response to similar levels of EMF radiation.

For some people, short term effects from cell tower radiation exposure may include headaches, sleep disorders, poor memory, mental excitation, confusion, anxiety, depression, appetite disturbance and listlessness.

This list is not intended as a diagnostic aid, as each symptom here can have many causes.

But if you and your family do not experience any of these symptoms you are probably not being overwhelmed by cell tower radiation.

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