Electromagnetic Radiation From Cellphones Appears To Alter The Behaviour Of Bees Part 1



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Electromagnetic radiation from cellphones appears to alter the behaviour of bees, her experiments suggest and add fresh evidence to observations reported by a team of German researchers seven years ago.

Honeybees exposed to cellphone radiation appear to lose the ability to return to their hives and queen bees produce a lower number of eggs, according to the new findings that appeared yesterday in the journal Current Science from the Indian Academy of Sciences.

“These are still preliminary findings, but they have dire implications,” said Kumar. “Bees are important not just for honey, but for pollination of crops.”

Bees pollinate some 80 per cent of commercial crops —apples, melons, sunflower, mustard, cucumbers and radish, she said. “A massive loss of bees could cause loss of production of such crops,” Kumar added.

Those thoughts appear to echo the words of Rizwan Khan — the character played by Shah Rukh in My Name Is Khan — who cautions that cellphones may be harmful to honeybees and cites Albert Einstein’s warning that if the world’s bees were to disappear, humans would perish in four years.

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