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Every living has its own the habitat. This is justified for a human too. Light, temperature, air composition, pressure, Earth magnetic field, the space radiation, gravity and others are abiotic factors that accompany the lives of people during thousands and thousands years. The absence any of these factors may adversely affect the living organism, until death. For example, the partial shielding of electromagnetic fields, including Earth magnetic field, leads to significant changes in regenerating abilities of animals.

But besides them there are still biotical and anthropogenic factors. Man-made – are all forms of human society, which change nature as habitat of living organisms, or directly affect their lives. Allocation of artificial factors in a separate group due to the fact that at present the fate of Earth’s cover and all existing species of organisms is practically in the hands of human society.

Let us now man-made magnetic and electric fields, those surround us everywhere, but not visible to the naked eye. Currently, a lot of research on this subject, increasing the level of awareness on this the electromagnetic field problem, that electromagnetic fields may be negatively impacting the health and well-being of millions of people. Electromagnetic fields are created by any device in our home, at work, in public transport. This are smoothing-iron, microwave ovens, mobile and cordless phones. If an electrical appliance is plugged in, then its wires is surrounded by an electric field, even if he does not perform its functions. But the magnetic field appears only if the device is switched on, and the higher the current, the higher strength of magnetic field.

The magnetic and electric fields interact differently with building materials. Materials used in construction, are a shield the electric fields, but the magnetic fields are weakened to a much lesser extent. That is to say, means that your house is not shielding you against the magnetic fields of for instances, a high voltage transmission line. The only solution in this case – have house at a safe distance – several hundreds of meters.
The widespread use of electricity leads to the fact that we are exposed to electromagnetic exposure 24 hours per day. This impact was not foreseen by nature and is not natural to the human environment.

The electromagnetic wave radiation has an influence effect on everything from plants grown for our dinner, and to the weather. Numerous clinical trial results show electric and magnetic field interaction with biological objects. Earlier, it was thought, that such useful things as electricity, microwaves oven and radio frequencies, can not affect the human organism. Electrical equipment mainly radiate at low frequencies (up to 300 Hz). There are technologies that use LF= Low freq, MF= Medium freq, HF= High frequency, VHF= Very high frequency, UHF= Ultra high frequency, SHF= Super high frequency, EHF= Extremely high frequency radiation.

All these sources were previously considered non-ionizing, do not destructive the chemical bonds. However, studies have shown that these electromagnetic fields can alter normal cell polarity and thus disrupt the functions of blood. This is due to the fact that a our organism contains up to 90% water, and the cells also contain 97% water and about 3% of various salts. Such a solution is a good conductor. It turns out that our body is a kind of electrical system and all its functions and reactions are controlled by bio-electromagnetic waves of the brain, and all our cells and tissues generate EMF. Only in the nature and free from external magnetic and electric fields of environment, such bio-electric system is capable of self-regulation and performance of their actual functions most efficiently.

Most biological and clinical trials studies on the health radiation exposure effects are focused on cancer. Much more likely that radiation electromagnetic waves may be an stress-factor of the immune system and lead to some health problems, depending on the initial state of the human organism and its genetic predisposition. Each organism reacts individually at the external effects, that’s has a so-called individual sensitivity. People sensitive to electro magnetic field have various symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, irritability, depression, anxiety, changes in heart rate, changes in blood sugar, immune disorders, hair loss, pain in teeth, the violation smell or ringing in the ears.

More and more people living near high-voltage lines have reported severe symptoms and even life-threatening diseases. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publicly acknowledged in its report that “Evaluation of the Potential Carcinogenicity of EMFs”, that electromagnetic pollution is a serious threat to health.

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