Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Health Dangers


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Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), also referred to as Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), are all around us. Electromagnetic Fields can come from household wiring, power lines, computers and electronic appliances.

Many health concerns have been identified as a result of exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation, particularly when the radiation is very intense and close to the body. Electromagnetic Radiation can cause health dangers can include infertility, heart conditions, leukemia, miscarriages, nausea, muscle pain, skin burns as well as many other health issues.

Sources of the Electromagnetic Field (EMF)
Computers – When near the body, computer generate Rlectromagnetic Radiation can significantly exceed recommended standards and saturate the body.
Power Lines radiate Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs). Highly elevated power lines carry very high voltages, yet can be relativity safe because typically the human body is a safe distance from the source.
Home Wiring running in the walls and ceilings of the home emit low frequency EMFs and should be considered a potential health concern to electrically sensitive people.

Electric Blankets can create an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) that penetrates about 6-7 inches into the body and has been linked to miscarriages and childhood leukemia by experts such as Dr. Nancy Wertheimer and Ed Leeper.
Microwave Ovens emit high frequency microwave radiation. They emit high frequency emissions measured in milliwatt per centimeter squared (mW/cm2). The U.S. safety limits on microwave emission exposure is 1 mW/cm2. Thus limit is often are exceeded when the body is close to older or faulty microwave ovens.
Electric Clocks produce very high Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) as much as 5 to 10 mG up to three feet. Studies have linked exposure at this distance over large periods of time to brain tumors.

Telephones, especially mobile phones, can emit surprisingly strong EMFs. Depending on the type of phone and distance, there may be no measurable EMFs or very powerful EMFs that can travel several inches into the brain.
Electric Razors and Hair Dryers can emit high levels of EMFs. Because their use is intermittent, exposure tends to be less dangerous than that over constant long periods of time. Some EMF experts suggest that children should not use hair dryers because of the vulnerable development stage of their brains and nervous systems.

Studies on the Electromagnetic Field (EMF)
In 1990, after reviewing extensive group of studies, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a controversial report that initially characterized Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) as a probable human carcinogen, but later modified this view in their final report by removing the cancer reference. Ironically, they wrote, “In conclusion, several studies showing leukemia, lymphoma and cancer of the nervous system in children exposed to supported by similar findings in adults in several/ occupational studies also involving electrical power frequency exposures, show a consistent pattern of response that suggest a causal link. ” Martin Halper, the EPA’s Director of Analysis and Support says “I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of evidence that we’re seeing with EMFs. Clearly there is something here.”

The Department of Energy (EPA), in November 1989, reported “It has now become generally accepted that there are, indeed, biological effects due to field (Electromagnetic Field) exposure.”

Throughout the 1990s, alarming reports were documented by the Wall Street Journal and several popular computer publications. Back then, even ABC’s Ted Koppel and CBS’s Dan Rather aired special segments on EMFs. In recent years, the EMF issue has returned to the spotlight with many published studies and broadcast news reports. For example, testing has shown that EMFs emitted by laptops has a direct causal effect on the sperm of the men.

What EMF Levels are Safe?
Although still controversial, there is a growing consensus on the acceptable levels of Electromagnetic Field exposure. Expert documentation and government agencies suggest that the air around us contains an ambient level of a 60 Hz Electromagnetic Field of 0.5 mG (milligauss). That means Electromagnetic Field exposure over this level is introduced by electronic devices within the area. To assure health safety in Sweden, electronic devices should not exceed 1mG. In the US, several sources suggest 2.5 mG as the cutoff point.

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