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We cannot avoid EMFs in our environment. We can however effectively safeguard our health and heal our bodies. Today, I’ll explain to you how you can do this effectively, without being inconvenienced or paying out large amounts of money.

Some of you may be wondering whether or not EMF dangers are real. After all, there are researchers and authorities who insist that EMFs are harmless. So, many people believe that the subject of EMF health hazards is controversial and needs more research. The truth is, thousands of scientific research papers are published every year that document the health risks associated with EMFS. These studies have shown that all EMFs, regardless of range or frequency have damaging consequences.

Since the 1970’s studies have repeatedly shown a direct correspondence between how close one lives to powerlines and transformer and power stations and the incidence of childhood leukemia and cancer. The largest study involved 29,000 children and looked at data collected over a 30 year period.

Incidentally, A 2003 study by Canadian scientist Magda Havas found that 42 of the 60 Canadian cities that were measured, had EMF field intensities at levels greater than the level associated with childhood leukemia. Recently, there have been numerous studies to suggest a direct relationship between brain cancer and cell phone use. Brain cancer tumor risk has been steadily increasing over the last 10 years- particularly among the 20 -29 year olds. You’re probably asking why then, are there educated researchers who are telling us that everyday EMFs are not harmful? The reason is simple.

These researchers are looking for a direct cause and effect relationship when none exists. Studies have shown that there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the symptoms. Researchers can take a group of people claiming to be electrically sensitive, expose them to identical frequencies and have reports of many different kinds of symptoms. One person who claims to be sensitive to EMFS will have an adverse reaction to one type of EMF but not to anther, while a 2nd electrically sensitive person will express no reactions at all So, the researchers who are looking for direct cause and effect relationships conclude that symptoms in response to EMF exposure are psychosomatic-an artefact created by the power of suggestion.

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