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The health effects associated with overexposure to radiofrequencies are so numerous and varied that you may already have clientele that could benefit from knowledge about radiofrequency sickness. Many individuals with MS symptoms have experienced a substantial reduction in symptoms when their electrical environments were cleaned up.(see footnote 5) I experienced multiple chemical sensitivities along with the symptoms that earned me the chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis. It took time, but those sensitivities have almost completely cleared up.

The cholinesterase enzyme is impaired by both radiofrequency radiation and organophosphate pesticides, reducing tolerable exposures for both pollutants.(see footnote 6) Exposure to radiofrequency radiation interferes with the action of enzymes, signaling pathways, and makes the immune system simultaneously hyperactive and less effective.(see footnotes 7,8)

Detrimental biological effects, distinct from tissue heating effects, have been extensively documented in studies at a range of different frequencies and at levels below the current United States safety standard.(see footnote 7)

Reno, Nevada
Palmdale, California
Tallahassee, Florida
Algeria, Algiers
Indonesia, Jakarta City
Little Rock, Arkansas
Albania, Tirane
St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Kingstown
Latvia, Riga
Bathurst, Australia

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