Electrical pollution from Cell Phones and Cell Towers is increasing dramatically Part 2

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• When television (also radio wave) was introduced in Australia in 1956, researchers there documented a rapid increase in cancers among people who lived near transmission towers.

• In the 1970s, Nancy Wertheimer, PhD, a Denver epidemiologist (since deceased), detected a spike in childhood leukemia (a rare disease) among kids who lived near electric power lines, prompting a rash of studies that arrived at similar conclusions.

• In the 1980s, investigators concluded that office workers with high exposure to EMFs from electronics had higher incidences of melanoma–a disease most often associated with sun exposure– than outdoor workers.

• In 1998, researchers with the National Cancer Institute reported that childhood leukemia risks were “significantly elevated” in children whose mothers used electric blankets during pregnancy and in children who used hair dryers, video machines in arcades, and video games connected to TVs.

• Over the past few years, investigators have examined cancer clusters on Cape Cod, which has a huge US Air Force radar array called PAVE PAWS, and Nantucket, home to a powerful Loran- Cantenna. Counties in both areas have the highest incidences of all cancers in the entire state of Massachusetts.

• More recently, the new findings on transients–particularly those crawling along utility wiring–are causing some scientists to rethink that part of the EMF debate pertaining to the hazards of power lines. Could they have been focusing on the wrong part of the EMF spectrum?

Chesapeake, Virginia
Bahamas, Nassau
Libya, Tripoli
Cape Coral, Florida
Tuvalu, Funafuti
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Torrance, California
City of Shellharbour, Australia
Pakistan, Islamabad
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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