Do Laptop, Wi-Fi Radiation May Affect Male Fertility Part 2


Do Laptop, Wi-Fi Radiation May Affect Male Fertility Part 1

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For this study, the researchers evaluated semen samples from healthy donors with no history of recent illnesses. Each sample was divided into two equal fractions, which were placed in separate temperature-controlled rooms. One of the sub-samples was incubated under a laptop connected to the Internet, to replicate the conditions that occur when a man places the computer on his lap.

“After four hours of incubation of sperm under the two different conditions, we found that in the sample exposed to the laptop, a large percentage of the sperm cells were affected,”

said Dr. Avendaño to “La Voz”. The investigator concludes that their study shows that exposure of sperm to the radiation from the device did not kill the sperm cells, but affected their motility. Further, by evaluating the sperm cells’ DNA integrity, they found that there was a significant difference between both sub-samples:

“The fraction exposed to radiation had a significant increase in sperm cells with fragmented (broken) DNA,”

said Avendaño.
The findings are important because previous studies on reproductive medicine have shown that some of the problems in fertilization and embryonic development are caused by damage in the DNA molecules of the sperm.

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