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Do Cell Towers Have An Effect On Property Values

Editor: Regarding the proposed Cascadia cell tower for South Langley (The Times, July 28), I am offering Fernridge residents my best wishes now for the battle that will soon be upon them.

These towers are grotesque and I hope the local residents fight this one with all they’ve got. Companies have been trying to penetrate further into South Langley for a very long time. We fought two tower applications in our neighbourhood (South Otter) some years ago, one successfully, one not. Only by putting pressure on the landowner did we win (he finally withdrew his permission to host it after all the resistance by neighbours and the deceptions from the cell company).

The bottom line — it will affect property values, though the Township and the company will assert otherwise. I read out loud two testimonials from real estate agents stating that all our properties would be worth about 20 per cent less due to the perception of a health risk, real or not. The message, however, fell on deaf ears at the Township office.

On 16 Avenue, you can be sure that the towers will primarily be serving truckers and other vehicle operators who use their phones while driving. Is this something which the Township wants to see more of? Time will tell when the mayor and council cast their votes.

I had understood that, after all the grief caused to residents on the last two rounds, council had passed a motion to refuse further cell tower applications for South Langley. What happened? Perhaps Councillors Richter, Kositsky and Long can recall the details.

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