Do Cell Phones and Cell Tower Radiation cause Headaches Part 2

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Now, instead of noise, imagine a world where people can’t sense radio frequency energy. That is the world we live in. We hear radio frequencies only when they are converted to sound by our radios, televisions, or telephones. If we could hear them this would be a very noisy planet. In the middle of a street in any major city, you would hear thousands of simultaneous telephone conversations, hundreds of radio and television stations. It would probably drive most of us crazy.
Fortunately most of us can’t “hear” radio frequencies, but some people can sense them. And just like in our make-believe world of the deaf, the few individuals who can sense these frequencies can’t sleep, develop headaches, and are under constant stress.

This syndrome is called “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” and some people are gravely affected. Those who see their doctors are often dismissed, given sleeping pills or sent to a psychiatrist. These people are not crazy. They just happen to be more sensitive than the rest of us to electromagnetic noise pollution generated by our technological advances.
Below is a quote from a man in Abbotsford, BC who has some of the classic symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome.

“We live one property away from a cell phone tower and have another a half mile down the road… I have had strange, unexplained health issues that conventional medical tests cannot solve for three or four years. Along with these, I developed cancer on my right breast when a brown spot that had been there for 35 years suddenly went bad. The following are symptoms that have occurred since these towers were installed and have had no relief to date: headaches, nausea, unsteadiness, pressure in head over eyes, ears, cheeks and back of head. Sometimes blurred vision. General feeling of fatigue and aches for no apparent reason. Have undergone complete blood workup, X-ray, CT Scan. Have tried various alternative medical practices, chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal remedies, exercise, watching diet closer, lose weight and drinking plenty of water. Nothing seems to work. Don’t know if the towers are responsible for the above mentioned, but I do feel somewhat better when I leave the area for a period of time.”

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