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DECT phones could be up to 100 times worse than an ordinary mobile, particularly if used in built up areas. The reason for this is the frequency of the pulse. DECT pulses at 100Hz whilst an ordinary (GSM) mobile pulses at 217Hz. The lower the pulsing frequency, the stronger the biological effect. It’s the pulsing within the ELF (extremely low frequency)range we have to be concerned about. Dr von Klitzing (one of the Medical Physicists signing the Freiburger Appeal calling for a halt to development of mobile phone masts), reported his research regarding DECT phones.

His research on blood samples taken from children in the vicinity of DECT phones showed that the red blood corpuscles did not ‘ripen out properly’ (a direct translation of his words). The physical signs were: listlessness and/or aggression, pallor, sleeplessness etc. This could be reversed with the removal of the phone.

Blue Mountains, Australia
Bangladesh, Dhaka City
Topeka, Kansas
Warrnambool, Victoria
Orlando, Florida
Waco, Texas
Hungary, Budapest
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Topeka, Kansas
Al Hulaylah, United Arab Emirates, Al Hulaylah, UAE

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