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A major difference between the older cordless phone and the DECT cordless phones is that the DECT phone’s base station continuously emits pulsing microwave radiation at full power as long as the base station/charger is plugged into the 240 VAC wall socket. This means that the base station, usually placed on a bedside table, or on a work desk, is broadcasting a 2.4. or 5.8 GHz transmission (in Australia) regardless of whether the handset is charging in the base station cradle or being used 300 meters away.
In a situation where a sleeper is about half a meter away from a typical DECT phone placed on a bed side table, he or she is constantly being exposed to a pulsing microwave signal with an electrical field strength of about 6.5 Volts per meter (V/m) – the max. limit of the meter. (4) According to the manufacturer of the meter an electric field level of 6 V/m is roughly equivalent to a power density of 10 microwatts per square cm. (10uW/cm2) for continuous wave transmissions – which cannot be applied to pulsing DECT transmissions. According to a paper published by the Interphone Study group (Germany), measurements taken on DECT systems by private engineering companies in Europe have revealed power densities between 4 to 170 mW/m2 for distances of up to 3 meters from the base station. (5) This converts to 0.4 uW/cm2 to 17 uW/cm2.

These figures may appear to be insignificant in isolation but when compared to epidemiological studies / surveys that considered fatigue and sleep disruption in humans exposed to radiofrequency transmissions, cautionary advice is warranted.

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