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Specifically in relation to DECT phones the IGUMED called for a ban on DECT telephones in preschools, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, events halls, public buildings. They also called for a revision of the DECT standards to reduce the radiation intensity. (13)

The German Federal Radiation Protection Agency (Bundesamt fur Strahlenschutz – BfS) has expressed concerns over DECT phone use. They stated in a January 2006 press release that a DECT cordless phone is often the strongest single source of microwave radiation in a private home. To prevent possible health risks the Agency recommended minimizing personal radiation exposure (if a DECT phone is used) by placing the base station in a place where you do not spend much time, for example a hall. For the workplace the Agency specifically advised to avoid placing DECT phones on work desks and called upon manufacturers to redesign the phones to include a feature of power output control, so that the power output during a call would be adapted to the distance of the handset from its base station. This would allow phone use only to the level of power necessary to keep the communication going and power would be down while on standby and connected to the base station/charger. (14)

In December of 2005 the Public Health Department, Salzburg Region, Austria issued advice to the government, schools and parents warning of the lack of studies available on either shortterm or long-term health effects from WLAN and DECT devices. However the department saw evidence of possible adverse effects such as headaches, concentration difficulty, restlessness, and memory problems etc. The official advice of the Public health Department is not to use WLAN and DECT in Schools or Kindergartens. (15)

Of course the industry manufacturing DECT technology say that there is no conclusive evidence that DECT technology is harmful. This is true, especially considering that the technology is being developed and marketed well before any relevant research on possible long-term health effects. For example:

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