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It is important to put out a warning about DECT phones, as they could be up to 100 times worse than an ordinary mobile, particularly if used in built up areas. The reason for this is the frequency of the pulse. DECT pulses at 100Hz whilst a GSM mobile pulses at 217Hz. Remember, the lower the pulsing frequency, the stronger the biological effect. It’s the pulsing within the ELF (extremely low frequency) range we have to be concerned about. That’s why TETRA is so dangerous. It pulses at 17.6Hz, right within the human beta brainwave rhythm range.

Dr von Klitzing, who was one of the Medical Physicists signing the Freiburger Appeal, reported his research regarding DECT phones. His research on blood samples taken from children in the vicinity of DECT phones showed that the red blood corpuscles did not ‘ripen out properly’ (a direct translation of his words). The physical signs were: listlessness and/or aggression, pallor, sleeplessness etc. This could be reversed with the removal of the phone.

In your own home you have a choice, and it is yours. If you have reservations as a result of reading up on DECT, at least revert to an older style analogue cordless phone – or put up with wires!

Neighbours’ phones are another matter. If you know where such a phone base is, you may decide to try foil on the wall in a large patch, to screen the DECT out. If it works, you might prefer to install it more permanently under wallpaper. But do note that microwaves tend to run around such barriers like water around a stone in a stream, so a small phone-sized patch will not work. (Findings from using an Acousticom detector.)

If you find your foil disrupts the neighbouring phone, you don’t want to get into a dispute, with one of you moving the phone and the other moving the screen. Try and explain the problem in an open way, using the research listed here.

DECT in the office? Again an emotive subject. All your employer will do is refer to the Health and Safety Executive, who refer to the NRPB, who cite the ICNIRP (if it doesn’t heat you it can’t harm you) guidelines. These are wholly inappropriate, so employees have (a) no guidance and (b) no way to assess exposure in the office. The manufacturers give no advice on density of DECT per square metre. If you are sensitive to DECT, try to explain what you experience and ask for a wired phone. But I know it may not be easy.

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