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For example, in a New Zealand study on the health impacts on residents living near an AM and FM radio tower in Ouruhia, NZ in 1998, there was a significant incidence of both chronic fatigue (37%) and sleep problems (35%). The highest combined AM/FM reading from any single site was 2.6623 V/m. The authors of the Oururah investigation also mentioned that the 2.6623 V/m measurement corresponded to a power density of 0.0838 uW/cm2 for the Oururah transmissions. (6)
In a large-scale five-year study on people living near a short-wave transmitter in Schwarzenburg, Switzerland, 55% of residents suffered from disturbed sleep, 35% from full insomnia. The researchers reported that “sleep difficulty was especially disturbing. This leads on to increasing fatigue and reduced feelings of well-being.” The sleep disturbance was associated with power density exposures from 0.7 uW/cm2 to the maximum found of 1.85 uW/cm2.

The study found a statistically significant association between extremely low intensity RF exposures averaging 0.236 uW/cm2 and a wide range of health and well-being variables. (7) Interestingly the researchers were able to have the transmitter turned on and off on different nights and symptoms were greatly reduced when the transmitters were turned off.

What these two studies clearly suggest is that prolonged radiofrequency exposures, of a far less intensity than that emitted by a DECT base station/charger by a bedhead (or desk), are implicated with sleep disruption and fatigue.

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