Dangers Of EMF’S And Mobile Phone Masts And How They Can Affect Our Health Part 5

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It has been established through numerous scientific experiments that all living things are constantly sharing information and interacting with each other and that certain man-made electromagnetic frequencies can have a detrimental effect on the health and growth of living organisms. In effect the human organism is composed of a multitude of electromagnetic waves. The Human organism has a broad spectrum from below 10 to over 1015 Hertz.

A Human in many respects is literally an “open system and constantly receives from his environment information from biotic and abiotic environmental factors. Plants, animals and people and their vital expressions and mutual relationships are among the biotic environmental factors. Soil, air, water, sunlight, sound, crystals, trace elements, Schumann waves and other electromagnetic oscillations of the atmosphere are natural abiotic factors. All these natural items of information are largely disturbed in our modern age by artificial environmental factors created by Man” – such as microwaves and radio waves, chemicals and so forth – which can “…lead to a modification of the natural environmental situation and environmental information and imperceptibly, but to an increasingly worsening extent, the human organism.”

The science of biophysics has established that all life is firmly imprinted with the stamp of the environment: “The body is thus firmly integrated into our environment, is in constant exchange with it and is controlled by it, i.e. all our various biorhythms, our organ and metabolic functions (normally) run synchronously with the ‘pulse rhythm’ of the universe. If this coordination is disturbed, disease and possibly death occur.” Control pulses come firstly from what are referred to as Schumann waves, arising in the ionosphere with a frequency of 7.83Hz that corresponds precisely with the frequency of the hippocampus in the brain of all mammals. The hippocampus in humans is responsible for our memory and survival among other factors.

Our nervous system also responds to the electromagnetic pulses of the Schumann waves. These induce miniature potentials in the nerve loops, which on repetition add up to action potentials and can actively intervene in cybernetic control circuits of the body. The autonomic nervous system is autonomic but adapted to the environment and resonates with it. It becomes very clear that we are an electrical or energy system and depend on and interact with balanced and natural energies around us for our health, wellbeing and survival. The importance of this and the importance of the Earth’s Schumann waves, as an example, are evidenced by the fact that NASA builds Schumann wave generators into its manned space flights to keep their astronauts physiologically and psychologically healthy.

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