Dangerous Radiation From Hidden Cell Phone Towers Part 3

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For those familiar with radiation exposure hazards, the striking parallels to radioactivity are obvious here. RF Frequency is similar to the radiation type, like Alpha, Beta or Gamma. In fact, each of these particles move as a frequency above that of ultraviolet light, and are actually composed of high speed particles. Each of the particle types affects the human body and systems in different ways. RF power level is like the number of particles per second of a radioactive source. Both duration and distance also translate into the realm of radiation exposure.

We know that certain radioactive particles from Alpha particle emitters cause the most damage to lung cells when inhaled. Alpha particle ionizing radiation alters DNA in cells, and can create pre-cursor changes leading to cancer. Tissues and structures in the body that appear on scans and x-rays are sometimes diagnosed as a “pre-cancerous condition” by doctors. Older camping mantle lanterns were very radioactive, because they were made from the element thorium. (The author of this paper found such a radioactive mantle in an older propane lantern. It is believed that most of these are now off the market.)

The reason for discussing the above subject, is to show that anything which alters cellular DNA can be extremely unhealthy. And this is both nuclear radiation and RF. There are also chemical and effects from ultraviolet as well.

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