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We will concentrate on the latter in this esay – UNCONTROLLED RF EXPOSURE. RF
signals are without a doubt an invisible form of pollution. Most people see a smokestack smoking and scream “OH ! Look at that pollution !” But as we will see, this is not really the most immediate, serious health hazard. What IS known about RF, is that unhealthy effects from it are related to an almost infinte combination of each of the five following factors:

1. FREQUENCY – Certain frequencies are absorbed in the body more than others. For example, the new riot control weapons the Pentagon have operates in the Super-High Frequency (SHF) region. This frequency is about 15 times higher than a conventional microwave oven. Although SHF is not absorbed into the skin, it boils perspiration on the skin causing pain.

2. DURATION – How long you are exposed to the radiation, or how long the transmitter is “on.”

3. DISTANCE – How close you are to the antenna. Energy levels decrease with the square of the distance.

4. POWER LEVEL – What the strength of the signal is. This is measured in microwatts, milliwatts and watts. One microwatt is a millionth of a watt, One milliwatt is one-thousandth of a watt. For example, 1,000 milliwatts is one watt.

Cell phone power levels are often in the 100 milliwatt to 4 watt class. In the past, older bag type cell phones people carried around, were up near 4 watts of power. Getting a strong signal was no problem. Today’s pocket cell phones are in the 100 milliwatt area. Reducing the power goes with size reduction and a smaller battery. This also reduces cell size, which actually is beneficial
as I’ll explain latter.

5. SUSCEPTABILITY – Like tobacco smoke, you cannot tell if you will or will not become ill from RF exposure. But RF heating of body tissues and possible DNA alteration (mutation) happens to 100% of the people exposed to RF. The amount of heating is determined by a combination of the four factors above. The immune system is responsible for cleaning up mutant DNA. But can the immune system clean it out all the defective DNA and dead cells, and do this indefinitely ? Modern medical science knows there are limits to how much of an assault on the body the immune system can deal with.

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