Dangerous Effects the Radiation of WiFi Signal for Human and Plants

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Research on the impact of wireless signal radiation in humans generally do not produce a concrete conclusions. However, from recent research conducted on the tree, it was revealed that living things this one is more fragile than human.

Research carried out by Wageningen University found that trees growing in areas that have WiFi high activity, especially in residential areas, which suffer symptoms do not similar to symptoms caused by bacteria or viruses.

As quoted from PopSci, 23 November 2010, the symptoms that appear on the tree among them was bleeding, cracks in the skin, the demise of certain parts of the leaves, and abnormal growth.

To test the hypothesis whether the cause of the mysterious illness was caused by radiation, WiFi, researchers using 20 of the ash or Fraxinus and provide various levels of radiation on the trees for 3 months.

Apparently, the trees exposed WiFi signal showed signs of diseases caused by radiation, including colors such as lead in the leaves, which indicates that the leaves will soon die.

As an illustration, in a country like the Netherlands, about 70 percent of the trees in residential areas experiencing side effects from radiation. The figure rose from just 10 percent in 5 years ago. It is common considering the use of WiFi has skyrocketed in recent years.
Currently, scientists will conduct a number of other studies to find out more about the radiation on plant growth. And unfortunately, no solution can be given for trees due to the adverse effects the use of WiFi.

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