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Earth Calm offers up to the minute technology for EMF defense against the fast-increasing risks of the wireless revolution and the electrified field we are living in. Our technology addresses the maximum extent of the difficulty : the difficulty is not only about improving application, but reaching to the deepest levels of human health. Before the advent of electricity into our houses in the early 20th Century, people were developing in the embrace of the earth’s electric field.

Since that point, the electric grid has disconnected us from this field, and this has cost us our health. Current research affirms that countless sicknesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, elevated blood pressure, asthma, prolonged fatigue, sleeplessness, allergies, and migraine headaches, have a direct relationship to EMF exposure as do other lingering and stress-related diseases due to immunological reaction inadequacies. And, as the technology revolution continues to explode, the dangers of EMFs keep on increasing.

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El Salvador, San Salvador
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