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Did you know that the Computer radiation contributes risk to every human being? Have you noticed that when you are facing in front of the computer for many hours or all day long you will be experiencing headaches or sometimes dizziness? Apparently that symptoms is coming from the radiation, that would be the effect when your body consumes too much from the radiation .

This computer radiation truly is harmful to the net users and net surfers if not controlled. Here some list of recommendations or preventions to get rid of hazardous radiation..

1. Use filter plates to cover your computer’s screen- it reduces the radiation hazard, most computer users, offices, or schools use this filter cover to cover the computer screen.

2. Also you can put any skincare protection on your face and skin before sitting at your computer – use any cream to shield your skin before you start using the computer.

3. If you are using an older computer model, better get a new model or recent model- old computers have more radiation released, switch into a latest computer or recent computer model if possible.

4. Place your computer in ventilated place (fan or cooler) – your computer must be stayed in a cool place, in this way you can minimize the hazardous radiation.

5. And most importantly you should eat fruits that rich in Vitamin A and C like apple, carrot, cherries tomato, and banana while working at your computer – eating fruits that rich in vitamin A and C makes you strengthener and stronger enough to protect your health from harm.

6.Please take note that the Possible effects you can experience if you get too much radiation are eyes pain, drowsy, and headaches – if you experience these illnesses don’t disregard it, you need to get a medication right away.

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