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The proposed installation of a strobe light at the top of the tower was another cause for concern. “That should be a deal killer,” Water Mill resident Preston Phillips said emphasizing the need to preserve Dark Skies in the area. “The value of my house will go down if this tower goes up,” William Dumont charged.

Linda Euell does not want to see a 77-foot tall cell phone tower erected across the street from her house.
“I do not want this pole across the street,” Linda Euell commented, referring to the cell phone tower that would literally line up with her front door. The tower would be installed on a one acre lot owned by William Verderber who would lease the land to Omnipoint for $250,000 a year. Verderber, who operates the Verderber Landscape Nursery located at 65 Montauk Highway on four acres of land that he is leasing from Euell, did not speak at the public hearing.

“I am his landlord,” Euell said, referring to the four acres she leases to the Verderber. This land is directly across the street from her house. “I would never lease my land to Omnipoint for a cell phone tower,” Euell said. “My family has been here for 13 generations. I am a Foster.” Euell admonished the board to use their full powers to defeat the plan. “I have three points,” she said. “This is in conflict with the rest of the neighborhood. We don’t want it. The monopole will have a negative impact on our property values and on our health. It is not a hardship on the applicant.”

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