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Efforts are being made to install WiFi in schools throughout British Columbia in the name of progress. School boards need to be made aware that this is a technology which has never been tested, and, therefore, has never been proven to be safe. It uses the same type of radiation that has been shown in thousands of independent peer-reviewed studies to be hazardous, especially to children.

When asked to investigate whether WiFi is dangerous, school boards and the IT specialists quite naturally look to Health Canada for guidance. Unfortunately Health Canada has established a guideline which is inadequate because it is based on another type of radiation. The levels of exposure allowed by Health Canada are among the highest (worst) in the world. Several scientists met the Parliamentary Sub-Committee in charge of Health Canada (HESA) in Ottawa in April to present evidence to confirm this statement. Please see the attached transcripts of that meeting. Therefore, when school boards receive assurance that the radiation levels associated with WiFi will be below the levels in Safety Code 6 (the guideline), they are being mislead into believing this means WiFi is safe. Harm has been shown to occur at levels drastically below those allowed by Safety Code 6.

Barrie Trower, a physicist and former British Secret Service member who specialized in microwave weapons for the UK government, was interviewed this week in Toronto about the dangers of wireless technology, especially WiFi in schools. Following is a link to that 6 minute interview. Mr. Trower refers to a previously classified government document which instructs that the information obtained through experiments be hidden from the public. http://www.cbc.ca/video/news/audioplayer.html?clipid=1573543914

Please know that despite statements to the contrary by the wireless companies, WiFi provides no advantage other than convenience. In addition to being safer from a health viewpoint, wired connection to the internet is faster, carries more data, and is more difficult to be hacked into. Is this worth jeopardizing the health of our greatest asset — our children, or their teachers? I think not.

I implore you and your office to take charge of the issue. WiFi is not in Federal jurisdiction so it becomes a Provincial responsibility. It is imperative that the harm associated with prolonged exposure of children to WiFi be examined carefully before it is installed in school rooms. Scientific evidence shows that children are especially vulnerable to the radiation. It is your departments’ and the schools’ responsibility (in loco parentis) to ensure their safety.

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