Cellular Phone Radiation Can Be Very Harmful

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By : San Lee

There are many different people that stipulate that cellphones create a considerable amount of radiations and that these can have bad impact on the entire body. A lot of the current cell phone deals come and insist that there are no perils regarding radiation when using all of them. Let’s find what are the main effects of radiations from cellular phones.

The principal peril is posed by the cellphone towers that are positioned all over the world. Most of them emit a lot of ionizing radiations that could be destructive. You will discover people that have lived near cell phone towers for many years and declare that they have constant headaches and other health issues. There are people that state that there is no problem with the radiation emissions. All we know is that there are lots of documented cases of health issues related to living near cell towers. In order to protect the people some companies have started to modify their cellular towers. They have introduced new technologies and lowered the emissions.

The cellphone towers are not the only problems. Cellphones also emit some radiation that can be harmful. Most of the reported problems are linked to the fact that individuals who keep their phones into pockets cannot procreate. This is a big issue since it could lead to a world-wide problem. Assume that fewer and fewer people would be able to have kids. This would be a disaster. To counteract these statements major cell phone manufacturers come and say that they are trying to lower the emissions of radiations. It is true that most of the newest cell phone deals available on the market emit less radiation than the handsets launched 10 years ago.

The future will establish if the radiations from mobile phones are real or not. In the present individuals argue and no one has a concluding answer to the problem of radiation. As soon as new technologies will be available, we will start to find out the truth. In reality, scientists don’t even understand how radiations work and what are the main perils which they present. We can only speculate what the real effects of radiations are.

All you can do is to wait and to see concluding results from the research projects that are going on today. Companies will always state that phones are safe and that we should keep utilizing them. It is time for the authorities to step in and to resolve this problem for good.

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