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The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research of Cancer (IARC), a group of scientists from several countries, has revealed research that classifies mobile phone radiofrequncy radiation as a potential carcinogen, a distinction that sets it in the same class as lead, gas exhaust, and chloroform. This conclusion draws on scientific study that has evidenced an elevated risk for glioma, a malignant form of brain cancer, related to mobile phone usage. The cellular industry not surprisingly responded strongly to theWHO claim and asserts that there exists no reason for concern in line with obtainable data. Even so, Dr.Henry Lai, a University of Washington researcher, during a breakdown of available cell phone radiations cientific studies identified an intriguing connection: Non-industry financed studies: 67% demonstrate adverse results; Industry-funded research: 28% display adverse results . http://www.scribd.com/doc/72620853/Cellular-Phone-Radiation-and-Your-Wellness

In December 1998, leading scientists from Integrated Laboratory Systems in North Carolina have demonstrated that blood cells exposed to mobile phone microwave radiation undergo genetic damage with the development of micronuclei. As outlined by their investigation, chromosome as well as DNA damage inhuman white blood cells took place when exposed to frequency signals from all kinds of mobile phones–analog, digital, and PCS. Damage took place even from radiofrequency signals occurring at a radiation level under the government’s FCC SAR limit. Employing other methods, the previous finding was validated by Dr. Roti of Washington University in 2000. His investigation indicated that human blood cells exposed to mobile phone radiation did actually produce genetic damage. This report garnered considerable interest primarily because the research scientist is a distinguished scientist who conducts his work under financing by a major cell phone corporation.

Previous research publicized in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed that less than one hour of mobile phone radiofrequency exposure disturbed glucose metabolic process in the sectors of the brain that received the greatest amount of exposure. Glucose is the most important fuel of the brain and this study, led by Dr Nora Volkow by, the chief of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, offered an additional example of how cellular phones can impact processes. It is known that increased levels of glucose like wise develops with infections along with other inflammation related processes, and contributes to the formation of potentially harmful reactive oxygen radicals that could affect the ways in which cells and genes perform.

A group of worldwide medical doctors, which includes a couple of Australia’s best surgeons, published their recent, extensive analysis. Dr. Vini Khurana, a neurosurgeon from Canberra, references research studies that indicated a twofold increase in threat of brain tumor for extended usage of cellular phones for 10years or more, and communicated his belief that it could deemed a lower appraisal. Another notable neurosurgeon who contributed to the report, Dr. Charlie Teo, thinks the increasing number of brain tumor instances he confronts in his patients connected to their utilization of the cell phone.

A German study reveals there is a three times surge in cancers of the eye involving individuals who frequently use the cell phones. The study findings will cause apprehension within the mobile industry. Ther esearch study, publicized in the Epidemiology journal, was done by a group from the University of Essen in Germany. It looked at a type of eye cancer called uveal melanoma, wherein tumors develop in the layer that forms the iris and base of the retina.

The process whereby the radiofrequencies could induce cancer tumor is unknown yet it is understood that the watery content of the eye facilitates the assimilation of radiation. Additional research study demonstrated that cells called melanocytes nestled in the uveal layer commenced developing and dividing faster when subjected to radiofrequency radiation.

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