Cellphones Caused Serious Brain Disturbances In Children

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2011/11/13 | by Jaan Suurkula

Russian researchers affiliated with the Russian Academy of Sciences recently published two studies that found a progressive deterioration of brain functioning including memory and efficiency over a 4 year period in children exposed to cellphones.

Professor Yury Grigoriev, who is Chairman of Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, a member of the WHO’s International Advisory Committeeon “EMF and Health”, says of the results:

“Our recent 4-year monitoring of effects from cell phone radiation on children, published in Radiation Biology. Radiation Ecology (Volume 51, No.5, 2011), demonstrates an increase in phonemic perception disorders, abatement of efficiency, reduced indicators for the arbitrary and semantic memory and increased fatigue.

Over the four-year monitoring of 196 children ages 7-12 who were users of mobile communication devices, a steady decline in these parameters from high values to bottom standards compared was observed.
The short-term and long-term potential consequences for society from exposing children to microwave radiation from cellular communication devices must be immediately acknowledged, globally, and responsibly addressed.”

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