Cellphone Tower Radiation Hazard is a Reality – SA Expert Part 3


Cellphone Tower Radiation Hazard is a Reality – SA Expert Part 2


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Ramsay said in reaching their findings the inspectors carried out radiation readings in the area at and around the tower, which were all well below the level of 1.0 micro-Sieverts per hour, which is considered to be the minimum level to warrant further investigation.

“Measurements carried indicated readings of 0.08-0.10 micro-Sieverts per hour at and around the tower and 0.09 microSieverts per hour at the Kgosi’s residence located on the hill, approximately 100m from the tower. The highest reading was recorded at the Kgotla 0.18 micro-Sieverts per hour, which is still far below the 1.0 micro-Sieverts per hour threshold”.

“All of the readings taken at Mochudi were also below the 0.22 micro-Sieverts per hour average background ionizing dose for most areas in Botswana that had been visited by the Radiation Inspectors as of June 2009”.
However, the EmagSA official has contradicted Ramsay’s statement. Muller says that comparisons with ionising radiation are not valid. “Cellphone radiation is pulsed, and it is these pulsed frequencies which interfere with biological processes,” Muller said in response.

“The radiation guidelines used are only taking into account the fact that this radiation heats tissue up. However, research has shown for example that pulsed frequencies affect brainwaves at levels corresponding to one-trillionth of the guidelines used. This is not a heating effect, the brain also works on electrical pulses,” he explained.”Other health effects such as fatigue and headaches start at one-millionth of the current guidelines, according to compilations of many research studies.

“Prof Leif Salford of Lund University in Sweden found that the blood-brain barrier – which prevents toxins from entering the brain – is damaged after only two hours of exposure at levels which correspond to that found from cellphone masts. This allows toxins into the brain, and caused permanent brain damage in rats, whose blood-brain barrier is similar to that of humans”.

“Prof Salford has said that the mass exposure of populations to microwaves is ‘the biggest experiment ever carried out on the human race’, and we are now seeing some very worrying results of this ‘experiment’,” Muller said.

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