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Re: “Scientists issue warning on cellphone cancer risk; Emissions may be carcinogenic, world health agency says,” The Journal, June 1.
Anyone who is concerned about the minimal radiation emitted from cellphones ought to be terrified by a much larger source of EMR, a source that is active 24 hours a day and has been affecting our species for longer than we’ve been a species: the sun. Compared to that cancerous time bomb, all of this talk of dangerous BlackBerrys and iPhones starts to look a lot like fearmongering and catering to conspiracy theorists.

The World Health Organization news release is tentative, at best.
Most concerning is the fact that only one study was quoted to support the link between cellphones and cancer. Curiously, the study, which came out in 2004, came to the opposite conclusion at the time: that there was no significant reason to believe cellphone radiation is carcinogenic.

This would be non-news if the public didn’t eat it up.
Cellphones are currently classified as 2B carcinogens. That sounds alarming, but closer examination suggests it is really a holding place for things that have never been proven to be carcinogenic, but have never been proven not to be, either.
Other 2B carcinogens include diesel fuel, coffee and pickled vegetables -hardly the world-destroying threat some news stations are making cellphones out to be.

Let’s talk real carcinogenic threats: known carcinogens. Let’s talk alcohol, or airport scanners that no independent scientist has been allowed to study. Let’s talk asbestos or the pollution from burning fossil fuels. Let’s talk about that big ball of cancer in the sky.

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