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By jemhas on Nov-7-11

Most people are not consciously aware of the number of cell phone towers that are erected throughout their neighborhood. They are aware though that their cell phones work when they want them to, and while this type of wireless radiation exposure is convenient it is also dangerous. Small amounts of wireless radiation come from cell towers, and also from cell phones and other appliances used throughout the home and at work. All of these exposures to wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields can have a significant impact on the health of every family member.
Electromagnetic fields of radiation are prevalent throughout our daily lives, and the convenience offered by these electromagnetic radiation fields and wireless signals could pose a significant risk of tumors forming one day, especially in the inner eardrum canal that is remarkably close to the brain. Mini microwaves of radiation are emitted from cell phone towers and masts throughout the day because they are attached to buildings that we frequent each day. People are unconsciously exposed to wireless radiation when they are at home and when they go shopping. This micro exposure to radiation is prevalent at coffee shops and restaurants, and even when people go shopping at malls or mass merchandising stores. Some people experience painful side effects from continued exposure to electromagnetic radiation and find that they are limited in the number of areas that they can visit each day. Additional exposure to wireless radiation occurs when people use convenient devices such as cell phones.

These wireless devices can be taken anywhere, and pose greater dangers when they are used in the car because this use exposes all members of the family to wireless radiation exposure. Coupling that exposure to the other radiation hazards family members are exposed to each day, and that is a significant opportunity for various health concerns to form. Cell phone headsets provide a convenient method for people to talk on a cell phone while they are driving.

These convenience items are also the cause for direct exposure of electromagnetic radiation to the eardrum and wireless radiation exposure is emitted through the wireless headset continually throughout cell phone use. Airtube headsets are constructed with a blue tubing that changes electric transmissions of wireless radiation found in cell phones to sound waves, thereby reducing the exposure to electromagnetic fields of radiation by 98 percent. To achieve this percentage of protection, all cell phone users have to do is plug in the airtube headset.

The airtube headset is convenient to use, and provides cell phone users with a way to protect their body from exposure to wireless radiation An airtube headset will allow people to move cell phones away from the body while talking, which reduces the amount of wireless radiation that the body is exposed to. While wireless headsets are convenient to use while driving, they also attract wireless radiation to them. Wireless radiation exposure through wireless headsets can cause an acoustic neuroma to grow, which is a tumor of the inner eardrum. When airtube headsets are used, that amount of radiation exposure to the inner eardrum area is significantly reduced to 50 percent. Wireless devices are convenient, but as studies have shown, they are also dangerous.

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